Pavement Construction

Infrastructure can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide a framework supporting an entire structure of development. It is an important term for judging a country or region’s development.

Roads and other pavements in airports and harbours, are the arteries of a country’s infrastructure. The ability to move goods and people is essential before a country’s economy can make progress.

Africa is a vast continent and good infrastructure is vital to the continent’s continuing development. PW is one of the leading contractors involved in construction of roads, airfield and sea-port pavements in West Africa.

We have constructed roads and other heavy duty pavements in airfields and sea ports across Ghana and other African countries for both public and private sector clients.

These large engineering projects usually involve logistical and other challenges equal to those faced by civil engineers throughout the world.

We can execute these projects on design and build or construct only basis. We implement these large paving works directly, using resources produced from our own rock crushing and asphalt and concrete batching plants located on site or nearby.

This ensures that the critical path elements of any paving project are directly under our control ensuring delivery on time is achieved.