Concrete Structures

We produce our concrete in our own batching plants, using aggregates produced in our own quarries

‘Concrete’ – the word itself means tangible and solid. It forms the main structural element of most civil engineering projects transforming the designer’s plans into physical form and achieving the aims of the project.

PW operates efficient and modern batching plants where concrete is made using aggregates from our own crushing and screening plants. We manufacture concrete of the highest quality and provide concrete works on all of our major projects.

Applications include foundations, drainage, retaining walls, bridges, water retention structures, building frames and mine structures. We carry an extensive inventory of formwork, enabling fast erection of various systems on large structures.

We have skilled operatives and supervisors to ensure this work scope is executed safely and to the specified quality standards.

Transporting and placing the concrete is a familiar task, for which we use our fleet of modern bulk cement carriers, transit mixers, cranes and pumps. Wherever concrete is required, and in whatever quantities, we are able to manufacture, deliver, place and finish.