We provide contract mining, civil engineering, and building

construction services in the following business sectors

Earth Moving

Earth Moving

We run one of the most extensive plant and equipment inventories in West Africa, which we source from the leading global equipment suppliers.

The present day business of PW has evolved from the original core activity of the company: earthmoving specialists. For many years we have embarked on high-profile projects in Ireland, the UK and Africa. In each case, the common factor has been the requirement to excavate, move and place large quantities of earth and rock.

We have amassed considerable earthmoving experience in the mining and highway sectors of industry, and as specialists, we are able to tackle any size of earthmoving task.

Open Cast Mining

Open Cast Mining

We are making available the continent’s rich natural resources. We are a responsible company, as well as a dynamic one, and apply strict environmental standards.

PW Mining was formed in the mid 1990’s to broaden the scope of services provided by the company. We are firmly established as one of the premier contract miming companies in the African mining industry, having acquired considerable experience in surface mining in a range of minerals.

The company has focused on mining for Gold, but has also executed projects in the Bauxite, Rutile and Diamond sectors. We have top class competencies in all aspects of contract mining, including site clearance, overburden removal, drilling, blasting, load and haul, ROM pad management and crusher loading.

Our mining fleet continues to grow and we presently operate CAT 6030 and 6015 excavators, with CAT 777 dump trucks. For smaller mining projects we use CAT 390 excavators matched with suitable rigid or articulated haul trucks.

PW Mining has successfully completed numerous projects in Ghana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Mali. Our mining clients to date have included Asanko; Resolute; Satellite Goldfields; Wexford Goldfields; Goldfields Ghana Ltd; Etruscan; Sierra Rutile; Sierra Mineral Holdings; Placer Dome.

Pavement Construction

Pavement Construction

Infrastructure can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide a framework supporting an entire structure of development. It is an important term for judging a country or region’s development.

Roads and other pavements in airports and harbours, are the arteries of a country’s infrastructure. The ability to move goods and people is essential before a country’s economy can make progress.

Africa is a vast continent and good infrastructure is vital to the continent’s continuing development. PW is one of the leading contractors involved in construction of roads, airfield and sea-port pavements in West Africa.

We have constructed roads and other heavy duty pavements in airfields and sea ports across Ghana and other African countries for both public and private sector clients.

These large engineering projects usually involve logistical and other challenges equal to those faced by civil engineers throughout the world.

We can execute these projects on design and build or construct only basis. We implement these large paving works directly, using resources produced from our own rock crushing and asphalt and concrete batching plants located on site or nearby.

This ensures that the critical path elements of any paving project are directly under our control ensuring delivery on time is achieved.

Concrete Structures

Concrete Structures

We produce our concrete in our own batching plants, using aggregates produced in our own quarries ‘Concrete’ – the word itself means tangible and solid. It forms the main structural element of most civil engineering projects transforming the designer’s plans into physical form and achieving the aims of the project.

PW operates efficient and modern batching plants where concrete is made using aggregates from our own crushing and screening plants. We manufacture concrete of the highest quality and provide concrete works on all of our major projects.

Applications include foundations, drainage, retaining walls, bridges, water retention structures, building frames and mine structures. We carry an extensive inventory of formwork, enabling fast erection of various systems on large structures.

We have skilled operatives and supervisors to ensure this work scope is executed safely and to the specified quality standards.

Transporting and placing the concrete is a familiar task, for which we use our fleet of modern bulk cement carriers, transit mixers, cranes and pumps. Wherever concrete is required, and in whatever quantities, we are able to manufacture, deliver, place and finish.

Industrial Building

Industrial Building

We are able to supply and erect any type of industrial building structures, and can provide design options and on site consultation through to completion of works.

PW can deliver all types of Industrial Buildings to clients from various backgrounds. Past completions include work within the ports of Ghana and for Oil & Gas clients.

We can construct to clients own design, or we can offer complete turnkey solutions based on a client’s outline brief. We have engineering design partners who can deliver all aspects of structural, civil and services design. Our in house construction teams will then turn these designs into the finished product, commissioned and delivered to clients on time.

We have existing relationships with proven suppliers for structural steel and other key materials for these types of projects. Recognizing the importance of local content to many of our clients, we source as much material within Ghana as possible. When required, we have the ability to procure from any area of the world, to provide materials which are not produced or economically in country.

Since we own and operate our own quarry, asphalt and concrete plants, these materials, which are key to most industrial construction projects, can safely be relied upon.

Mechanical and Electrical services are installed using our own teams, who have constructed numerous systems in recent times, including electrical power supply and distribution, air conditioning, telecommunications, CCTV, Fire Alarms, plumbing, compressed air supply etc.

Property Development

Property Development

Given the strong demand for property development in the high end of the market, PW completed development of “Polo Court” in 2008. This development was sold ‘off plan’ to various private clients.

“Polo Heights”, the further development, was completed in 2013, once again sold on the open market, to individual and corporate buyers.

Further developments of this nature are in progress in the Accra area.

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