Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Our goals are simple – no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

Health, Safety & Environment

Our Safety Management System is known as the “PW Safe Production System” and this sets out our corporate safety standards, safety management plans and implementation guidelines.

The system is employed on every project we undertake, and is internally audited. Audit results are made available to our clients. We are proud of our health and safety record. Our statistics prove that the rigorous application of the safety management system has year by year reduced our incident rates and considerably raised the awareness of industrial health and safety among our workforce.

We are convinced that it is critical to the success of the business that outstanding levels of health and safety are complemented by training our staff to use environmental best practice. We will continue to drive down the environmental and health impact of our operations through: cutting waste reducing emissions and discharges judicious use of energy

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