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Natougou Gold Project – Bulk Earthworks Contract (2018)

The combined team of PW and Semafo worked in close contact, and in harmony, and as a result the project scope of work was delivered to the required quality, and in time, to ensure no follow-on activities were impacted. Semafo and PW had not previously worked together, and we are pleased to have had a successful outcome to our first relationship.

Alexandru Arhire, P.Eng,

Project Manager

Diawuoso Mining Project (2016)

AngloGold Ashanti wish to express its sincere gratitude for the work done to the successful completion of the Diawuoso project and the mining of the Sibi Pit. We therefore want to show our heartfelt appreciation to PW for their professionalism, and

dedication throughout the project period. Permit us to also extend our congratulations to the determination and enthusiasm of your workforce who also made it possible for the success of the projects.

Etric Asubonteng

Head of Operations

Akyem Gold Mine TSF Stage 2/3 (2016)

All work was executed within the confines of an operational and busy gold mine. Work was undertaken safely and efficiently at all times fully in accordance with the policies and procedures as demanded by Newmont. There was no disruption to our operations during the construction work. PW demonstrated a professional approach to work execution working carefully at all times. This was Newmont’s first use of PW as a contractor on site and we were delighted to receive a completed facility, completed safely, on time and to the required quality.

Kevin Moxham

SCM Manager

Subsea 7 Fabrication Yard Takoradi Port (2015)

Subsea 7 was pleased to receive quality work, completed in good time, without any Lost Time Incidents, and within the budgeted cost. The quality of the construction met all specified requirements. Communication between the parties was open and co-operative at all times and the construction works went without any major problems.

Isaac Lartey

SCM Manager

Syama Gold Mine Contract Mining (2013)

Resolute Mining Limited would like to acknowledge PW Mining International Ltd has completed its mining contract by 31 December 2012. Resolute Mining Limited wants to express its gratitude for the work PW Mining International Ltd has done at Syama since the inception of the contract in August 2007. Without PW Mining Site and Management Team contribution to Syama, Syama would not be where it is now. Resolute Mining Limited wishes all the best endeavours to PW Mining and hope the two companies can work together in the future.

John Nguyen

Mine Manager, Resolute Mining

TSF 2 Project, Chirano Gold Mine, Ghana (2012)

The construction was carried out within an operational gold mine. The construction work was carried out safely and efficiently at all times with no disruption to our activities. PW approached the project in a professional manner to work carefully around the ongoing activities of the mine.

John G. Seaward

Vice President, Chirano Gold Mines Ltd.

Chemical Storage & Decanting Facility, Takoradi Port, Ghana (2011)

In order to support our offshore production operations, in 2010, Tullow commissioned PW Ghana Ltd to carry out the design (civil / piping / electrical engineering) and construction of the Chemical Storage and Decanting Facility located in Takoradi Port. Tullow were pleased to receive from PW another quality facility, completed in good time, without a single Lost Time Incident, and within the budgeted cost.

Dai Jones
Sierra Rutile Project, Sierra Leone (2011)

PW has carried out this work to the appropriate standard in an efficient and professional manner. The onsite management has been co-operative and accommodating of SRL requests. In addition, PW have willingly assisted with machinery and operators during difficult production periods at the mine.

Mark Button

Chief Operating Officer, Sierra-Rutile Limited

Adjen Kotoku Road Works, Ghana, (2010)

With the construction of Road Works and Taxi Rank at Adjen Kotoku now completed, we write to congratulate PW Ghana Ltd on a very well executed project. PW’s attitude to safety, the professionalism and the dedication shown by your whole site team which often exceeded over hundred and fifty people (150) people on a daily basis during the 7 month campaign was exemplary and the quality of work, as verified by our consulting engineers was faultless. There were no lost Time Injuries (LTl’s) reported in all shifts worked, often in difficult circumstances

Jan De Roeck

Resident Manager, Dredging International Services

Golden Jubilee Terminal, Paving Project, Tema Port, Ghana (2009)

During the year 2008, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) carried out the Upgrade and Repair of the Golden Jubilee Terminal (GJT) Pavement at Tema Port whilst the terminal was in use. PW Ghana Limited was awarded a portion of this contract to execute. The mobilization to site, the commencement of construction was efficiently carried out and all the interfaces and the restrictions of the operational terminal were observed to GPHA’s satisfaction.

The work progressed without any health and safety incidents, and the final quality was achieved to specification. Lines of communication between our operational staff and PW staff were cordial and responsive at all times. The project was successfully completed and we therefore recommend PW to any company or institution that may need its services.

N. P. Galley

Director General, GPHA

Tullow Airbase Yard Phase 1, Takoradi, Ghana (2009)

PW showed a great willingness to comply with existing safety management systems and personal safety requirements that existed at the Tullow site. On arrival not only was a full scope of work presented but also a full catalogue of applicable risk assessments that were of a very high standard and most importantly were followed to the letter

Brian Nicoll

EHS Advisor, Tullow

Sansu TSF Rehabilitation Project, Obuasi Gold Mine, Ghana (2008)

We, as the consultants to AGA on the Sansu Project at Obuasi, were most impressed with your performance. PW Ghana Ltd delivered a job well done under sometimes difficult climatic conditions. You kept to your time schedule, and we were also impressed by the open lines of communication you maintained from the remote site to Johannesburg

Dr. Fritz Wagener (Pr Eng)
MPS Container Terminal, Tema Port, Ghana (2008)

In 2005, Meridian Port Services Ltd commenced the onsite phase of the AreaB Container Terminal project in the port of Tema. A tender for the enabling works and demolitions was won by PW Ghana Ltd and physical work started on site in June of that year.

Thereafter, the main contract for the design and construction of the Area B Container Terminal was also won by PW Ghana Ltd, after a process of competitive tender. The construction operations commenced on site in August 2006. The work was carried out on a Brownfield site within a live and busy Port. The construction work was carried out efficiently at all times. Sections of the site were progressively handed over to MPS by PW Ghana Ltd.

The work progressed without any Health & Safety accidents, and the final quality was achieved to specified requirements.

Mohamed Samara


TSF / Concrete Civils, Youga Gold Mine, Burkina Faso (2007)

PW was selected in 2006 for the construction of the Tailings Storage Facility at the new Youga Gold Mine Project in Burkina Faso. This contract was extended thereafter to include a portion of the Plant Site Concrete Civils. PW constructed the Primary Crusher Bin, Ball Mill superstructure, foundations for secondary crushers, and other miscellaneous items.

PW worked on site from Dec 2006 to Dec 2007 in this scope of civil engineering work, while also mobilising and commencing Contract Mining work.

Throughout the project PW have at all times provided a professional, competent and efficient service with a partnership approach to the day to day activities and interfaces with our construction project management team and our mining depaJtment, contributing to a smooth running operation

Bob Harris

Vice President of Operations, Burkina Mining Company

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