CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

PW is a major player in our chosen markets cf contract mining and civil engineering construction, with an impressive list of high profile project completions.

We set out on every project to work as a full partner with the client, avoid conflict, deliver on time, achieve the required quality, and execute our work safely. We provide contract mining, civil engineering, and building construction services in the following business sectors

We have stood by these principles since the company was founded, and the resulting repeat business and our steadily growing profile, clearly indicates that our approach to how we operate is correct.

Our past experience in a variety of industry sectors, coupled with our flexibility as an organization, our competent work force, a large selection of modern machinery and a dedicated management team proves to both existing and new clients that they can count on us.

For the future, we will continue to provide quality engineering and mining services. We are solidly placed in our current areas of operation and we continue to seek further growth in new markets.

Len Comerford

Chief Executive Officer, PW Mining.

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